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Thank you for joining me!


 My name is Debbie. 


I am an average person for whom midlife seemed to come rather quickly. Maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention!? Probably, more accurately, I am just normal, and that is the way life goes.


In any event, here I am, facing down the latter stages of midlife and all the interesting twists and turns that come with it.  I have lots of viewpoints, some of which I need to be a little more judicious about sharing.


I have been very fortunate to have had a career of over 40 years in the human services field. This has been grounding and humbling.  One of my favourite parts of my career was learning about people’s lives and writing – a lot. I am always in awe about the resilience of human beings!


Life has been good to me – I have enjoyed good health so far. I love the outdoors and hours of sunshine and wind and snow and rain.  There is always another country to discover, always another book to read, always another recipe to try out, always another road to cycle/trail to hike/lake to kayak, always another coffee/wine to sample.





I know life will not always be such. Aging comes, along with deterioration in health and circumstances.  I am just normal.  All I ask for is the strength to handle, with grace, anything that is thrown my way. 


And I try to be a good human.



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